Group Members

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Name & Email Role
Mrs Jennifer Anderson

Research Group Administrator



Ms Daniela Bolle


Research Development manager



Prof Alison Bowes


Head of School of Applied Social Science and Professor in Sociology


Former Chair in Dementia Research, Dementia Services Development




Prof Emma Reynish


Chair in Dementia Research


Dr Louise McCabe


Senior Lecturer in Dementia Studies


In addition, Louise has an active research career and has been involved with many research and evaluation projects focused on improving the lives of people with dementia and their carers.


Dr Jane Robertson


Lecturer in Dementia Studies


A mixed-method researcher with particular expertise in qualitative methodologies including narrative interviewing and analysis.


Dr Richard Ward

Lecturer in dementia studies


My research interests lie particularly in the field of dementia and with a background in social work I have a long-standing interest in issues of social care practice.


Dr Vikki McCall


Lecturer in Housing Studies


Expertise includes housing, volunteers, devolution, poverty, inequality, gender, social problems, urban society and the cultural sector. Vikki has experience in lecturing on and conducting social research, comparative social research, qualitative and quantitative methods.


Dr Alasdair Rutherford


Lecturer in Quantitative methods


My research interests include charities and nonprofits, migration, social care, evaluation of learning, and the economics of volunteering, with an emphasis on the implications for public policy.


Dr Fiona Sherwood-Johnson

Lecturer in Social Work


I am a qualified social worker with research interests in adult support and protection policy and practice


Dr Alison Dawson


Research Fellow – School of Applied Social Science


I have varied research interests, primarily revolving around themes of ageing, dementia, and the provision of care for older people.


Dr Corinne Greasley-Adams


Researcher – School of Applied Social Science


An experienced researcher who has worked in a variety of research settings including University and Scottish Government departments, currently interested in social gerontology and has recently been involved in a number of dementia-related research projects.


Ms Rosalie Ashworth

Research Student


Mrs Mari Berge

Research Student


Ms Julie Christie

Research Student


Mr Paul Henery

Research Student


Mrs Emma Law

Research Student


Mrs Veronica Smith

Research Student


Ms Kari Velzke

Research Student


Mr Michael Wilson

Research Student