Dementia & Social Gerontology Research Group Meeting – April 2013


Dr Louise McCabe & Dr Fiona Kelly were not present as they are in Luxembourg for the North Sea dementia research group annual meeting ( and Dr Richard Ward was also absent as he was travelling to Manchester for MICRA/The Hair and Care Project Academic Conference: Appearance, Ageing and the Life Course. ( )


A few of the key topics discussed are below:-

Recent funding was announced for the upload of the NHS Fife dataset of older people’s acute hospital assessments by the Health Informatics Centre Dundee ( ). The dataset contains information on functional, cognitive, and socio-environmental status and is linkable to other health and social care datasets. It will be openly available as a research resource from late 2013.

The research work of Corinne Greasley-Adams was discussed. Discussions centred on forthcoming publications exploring the work activities of older people, and a new conceptual model for understanding work and aging.

The topics of Carer involvement in the acute hospital (May), Decision making surrounding care for people living with dementia (June) and  Migration, care and rural aging (July) are planned for future meetings.